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The Virtual Currency called Compuceeds

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The Virtual Currency called Compuceeds

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It’s time to put your money where your monitor is. While it doesn’t grow on trees, it does grow on your cloud or eWallet account.

Compuceeds Basics

Otherwise known as digital money or virtual currency, Compumatrix Proceeds aka Compuceeds is a Centralized Peer to Peer Payment System that offers a 21st Century Alternative to Brick-and-Mortar Banking.

A Compuceed is something that most users will never see or never touch beyond their computer screen. Exchanges are made via ( Wallet Software rather than the traditional wallet in your back pocket. As a centralized virtual currency, it is controlled and audited by the Virtual Currency Administrator, Compumatrix and the value of your bank balance is set entirely by the supply and demand of the market.

Buying things with Compuceeds

As with all money, it is best if you can spend it. It’s been gradual but it is expected that an ever increasing number of commodities will become available to Compuceeds Holders. As of now, Compuceeds continue to be manufactured and circulated through the production of Virtual Prepaid Cards.

Through the Virtual Prepaid Cards, owners of the virtual currency are able to earn fiat currency by promoting the use of the virtual currency via marketing and selling of the virtual prepaid cards.

The Compuceeds supply is finite. Production of Compuceeds is also called mining, manufacturing, minding or mind mining through productive activities online. With thousands of dollars mined or exchanged each day.Every transaction is verified by real people and secured by the Bitcoin Protocol.

The Value

Compuceeds were designed to be non-volatile and is currently pegged to a dollar. Through the trading portal, the virtual currency is traded through the production of virtual prepaid cards which is sold in terms of euros.

Compuceeds and Bankruptcy

An old saying states that “You have to speculate to accumulate.”

There are speculators aplenty when it comes to Compuceeds. Like any investor on virtual currency, you will face risks and you may win or lose. And this will all depend on each of the virtual currency members’ ability to contribute in the production, circulation and market penetration of the virtual currency. The userbase growth will open the doors for merchants and other exchanges to join our virtual economy.

The total maximum number of Compuceeds that will be circulated worldwide is at 1.5 Billion units and thus supply will run out. As of now, only 0.00001% of the global population owns a compuceed. This means that market makers have a potentially rich market.

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