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The Virtual Currency called Compuceed...


It’s time to put your money where your monitor is. While it doesn’t grow on trees, it does grow on your cloud or eWallet account. Compuceeds Basics Otherwise known as digital money or virtual currency, Compumatrix Proceeds aka Compuceeds is a Centralized Peer to Peer Payment System that offers a 21st Century Alternative to Brick-and-Mortar […]

The Compumatrix Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business or other organization. The entrepreneur develops a business model, acquires the human and other required resources, and is fully responsible for its success or failure. Becoming a Compumatrix entrepreneur, however, doesn’t have to be that hard as the business model, human capital and enabling technologies are a […]

5 Things You Should Know About Compum...


Compumatrix? What is Compumatrix? Compumatrix is a web technologies company. It is global. It is multinational. What does these words mean? Compumatrix develops solutions to enable people. We build enabling technologies. These technologies is fitted to you like an armor and these are equipped with tools. A global business means we are present in several […]

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